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At Mentally Mangled, our mission is to support the well-being of spiritual leaders by offering expert guidance, mental health resources, and community support. We address the unique challenges these leaders face, promoting their mental, physical, and spiritual health so they can lead effectively and with fulfillment.

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pastor kyle earley

CEO and Founder

Dr. C Jay Matthews

Program Coordinator & Trainer

Dr. Sheena Cameron

Program Coordinator & Trainer

Angel Jacobs

Director of Operations

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Dr. C Jay Matthews

Dr. C. Jay Matthews, I, is the senior pastor of Mt. Sinai-Friendship United and has served in ministry for nearly forty years. Before accepting his current position, he was the Chaplain at the Cuyahoga County Youth Development Center as well as the youth pastor and assistant pastor of Mount
Sinai Baptist Church. Under his leadership, Mount Sinai has grown to become a nontraditional church in Cleveland.

Dr. Matthews is a civil rights activist and one of our community’s leading children, juvenile, and family advocates. He has served as a member of The Greater Cleveland Partnership, is the past President of the United Pastors in Mission, and has also served on the board of United Way Services’, the AdopAon Task Force, and was Chairman of One Church One Child. He was chairman of the local NAACP’s Black Leadership Commission on AIDS. He was a member of the Governor’s Juvenile Justice Advisory Council. Dr. Matthews was the Chairman of the Technical Assistance Committee for the Housing Commission of the National Baptist Convention, U. S. A., Inc.

Dr. Matthews currently works with SCIT, a partnership with The Cleveland Clinic, to stop cancer and bring health awareness to the community. Dr. Matthews also developed a concept called” “Faith, Fitness and Finance. The goal is to empower believers with tools to develop those three life skills. Dr. Matthews is currently developing a comprehensive strategy to end youth and young adult violence within the community. As past President of SCLC, Dr. Matthews was involved in several Stop the Violence Campaigns. Dr. Matthews has joined a national network of churches to build “Healing Communities,” specifically targeting Returning citizens, those incarcerated, and their families.

Dr. Matthews, United States Marshall Peter Elliot, and former Assistant Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Douglas Weiner developed a National Re-entry model called “FugiAve Safe Surrender.” This concept was based upon three things: 1) Officer Safety, 2) Community Safety, 3) and the acceptance of responsibility of the person with an existing warrant.

Dr. Matthews is a graduate of Ashland Theological Seminary and earned a Master of Arts in Religious Studies, a Master of Divinity, and a Doctorate of Ministry. He is married to Pastor Jacquelyn D. Farris-Matthews and is the proud father of two daughters, two sons, and nine grandchildren.

Dr. Sheena Cameron

Dr. Sheena Cameron has been in ministry for 10 years in hospital chaplaincy and pastoral ministry in the United Methodist Church. She earned a Doctor of Ministry in Pastoral Care and Counseling from United Theological Seminary. She is currently a Dual Diagnosis Counselor where she diagnosis and treats substance use disorders and mental illness for a local Halfway House. Dr. Cameron is a member of the illustrious Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. She and her husband, the Rev. Gerald A. Cameron are the proud parents to their son Saadiq.

Angel Jacobs

Angel Jacobs has a 20-year background in Human Resources. She founded HIAS ENTERPRISES, an investment company primarily focused on Real Estate, but that emphasizes Mindset as well. She launched a brand line called “Hustle is a Skill” in 2020, which empowers individuals to believe in themselves and rise above the average. Angel encourages people to choose to be happy, productive, and impactful every day and to be great!

Angel is the Director of Operations for “It’s Not a Moment, It’s a Movement,” a non-profit organization that empowers the community. She believes in the mission to increase awareness, educate, and promote action-focused strategies for policy change. Angel’s strength comes from her love for people and respect for the process.