"Therapy does not replace theology; theology does not replace therapy". - pastor kyle

Mentally Mangled

Mentally Mangled is a haven for spiritual leaders, offering personalized support and resources for holistic wellness. Our initiatives empower and revitalize leaders, enabling them to continue their work with renewed energy and clarity.

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Our Purpose

It’s Time to Share, Learn, and Protect Mental Health

our mission

At Mentally Mangled, our mission is to support the well-being of spiritual leaders by offering expert guidance, mental health resources, and community support. We address the unique challenges these leaders face, promoting their mental, physical, and spiritual health so they can lead effectively and with fulfillment.

our vision

Mentally Mangled envisions a world where spiritual leaders are holistically supported, fostering resilience and spiritual enrichment. We aim to create a synergistic environment where the well-being of these leaders directly contributes to the health and vitality of the communities they serve, promoting a cycle of mutual growth and support.

What we do

Why Our Work Matters

the hidden struggle

Facts | 23% of pastors acknowledge they have personally struggled with a mental illness.

silent pulpits

Facts | 49% of pastors say they rarely or never speak to their congregation about mental illness.

voices of openness

Facts | 65% of churchgoing family members of those with mental illness want their church to talk openly about mental illness.

community call to action

Facts | 76% of churchgoers say suicide is a problem that needs to be addressed in their community.

Founder of Mentally Mangled

Pastor Kyle Earley

Kyle Earley is an influential strategist with over 15 years of experience in community organizing. Raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Earley is no stranger to the community. His work and activism have taken him across Ohio and Greater Cleveland as an Advocate for Justice.

Your Support, Their Strength

At Mentally Mangled, we support spiritual leaders by providing a safe space where their challenges are recognized and ddressed with compassion and expertise. If you want to participate in our events or suggest topics, please contact us. Your input helps us curate events that resonate with our community.

Upcoming Events

Dec 2 - The Cure for Burnout-Stress Relief Experience

12:00p – 2:00p Experience stress relief. Designed to help you navigate holiday stress. Learn practical strategies for mental and emotional well-being in a supportive environment. Connect with others who share your journey.

Dec 16 - Healing Through the Holidays

11:00a – 1:00p A free 2-part series group session providing skills and tools to help heal through SAD, depression and loneliness of the upcoming holiday season.


6:30p – 8:00p A tranformative experience designed to guide individuals through the journey of grief, fostering renewal and resilience in the face of loss.

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